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3 shutouts in Jerusalem! Game 6 1-0! 03/02/2020 Change Delete
Jerusalem wins the Finals in 6 games. 03/02/2020 Change Delete
Eugene and Jerusalem to play series 3/2/20 at 10 at HarryCome 03/01/2020 Change Delete
Eugene wins western finals vs Helena in 6. 4 lefties fall to Blue Jeans for their 4 wins as DeGrom bests Verlander twice for Handbasket victories 03/01/2020 Change Delete
Everything went right for Jerusalem as they managed to sweep Brunswick to reach the finals. 02/20/2020 Change Delete
Helena defeats Portland in 5 games to advance to the Western Finals. Bryce Harper takes MVP hitting .500/.609/1.389 with 5 HRs, 9 runs and 10 RBI. 02/17/2020 Change Delete
Eastern finals confirmed for the 20th. 02/14/2020 Change Delete
Helena and Portland will play the West's second round series on Monday. The winner will take on Eugene once Harry returns from his cruise. 02/12/2020 Change Delete
Jerusalem and Brunswick are possibly set to play the eastern finals on Feb. 20th at 10am at Fantasy Flight. Confirmation coming. 02/10/2020 Change Delete
Banshees defeat Round Rock in 7 games. RR wins the first two handily. Banshees the next three, two in extras, Then RR takes game 6 and the Banshees win game 7 and so the series. 02/01/2020 Change Delete
Any update on playoffs? Anyone scheduled? 01/31/2020 Change Delete
Final series in the West is anti-climactic as all 6 teams go 2 and 2. La Jolla travels to Portland to open the playoffs. 01/27/2020 Change Delete
Round Rock wins the last 3 games to take the series from Charlotte 4-2. Round Rock commends the Charlotte sportsmanship. 01/26/2020 Change Delete
Eugene-La Jolla scheduled for Monday. 01/22/2020 Change Delete
Port and Corv finished their season 01/20/2020 Change Delete
Any other final series scheduled? 01/19/2020 Change Delete
Helena and Las Vegas followed through and played their final series. 01/19/2020 Change Delete
Helena and Las Vegas will play their final series on Sunday. 01/17/2020 Change Delete
Rouind Rock at Charlotte January 23 to start East playoffs. Brunswick waiting for the winner. 01/15/2020 Change Delete
Portland and LaJolla split. Crash win #2 1-0 and #4 8-3 as Skaggs in last start beats Max S. Portobells take games 1 and 3. 01/15/2020 Change Delete
Las Vegas takes 3 of 4 from LaJolla. #5-1., #2 2-0, #3 4-1 in 18. Crash score 4 in bottom of 8th in game 4 to salvage a 6-4 victory 01/14/2020 Change Delete
Las Vegas sweeps Corvalis for late season surge 01/14/2020 Change Delete
Eugene takes 3 of 4 from Helena. Helena shuts out Jeans in #1 but JD hits 3 HR's in game #2 for 10-2 win. Jeans shut out Handbaskets in games 3 and 4. 01/14/2020 Change Delete
4 teams in the hunt for 3 playoff spots, lots of possibilities 01/14/2020 Change Delete
Port plays Corv, L J plays Eug and Helena plays LV. 01/14/2020 Change Delete
I updated the standings, please check to confirm 01/14/2020 Change Delete
Las Vegas takes 3 of 4 from LaJolla. # 1 5-1., #2 2-0, #3 4-1 in 18. Crash score 4 in bottom of 8th in game 4 to salvage a 6-4 victory 01/14/2020 Change Delete
Once La Jolla and Portland play, they can post the results because the whole division will be at 92 games. 01/13/2020 Change Delete
Vegas and Corvallis have completed 92 games. La Jolla and Portland play to 92 on Tuesday. 01/13/2020 Change Delete
Vegas takes 3 of 4 from La Jolla, including a 4-1 18 inning game that ended when Ohtani missed a 1-13 HR to tie it,. 01/13/2020 Change Delete
If you haven't responded yet, please see an email from Gary dated December 31st and titled Winter Meeting Dates. Please respond. 01/06/2020 Change Delete
Any truth to rumours that the west coast fell into the Pacific Ocean? 01/03/2020 Change Delete
Halifax hit a robust .191 against a depleted Brunswick pitching staff. On the only bright note, we were 42 for 46 on the paths. Good luck to all in the playoffs. I am taking Brunswick at 25:1 odds. 12/31/2019 Change Delete
Please send winter meeting proposals to garyfdavis3@gmail.com. as my season is over, I have time to compile. Check email from me for specifics. 12/30/2019 Change Delete
Hapless Halifax finished game 4 with Caleb Smith in left field. Smith named privateers MV P as all players except Springer given their releases. 12/29/2019 Change Delete
It's playoff time in the East. DM and HFX scouting for next year. Charlotte hosts Round Rock in the first round. 12/29/2019 Change Delete
The Banshees eliminated Halifax slim play off hopes downing them 3-1 in 11 innings, 5-4, 3-0 (on 3 solo HRs), and then 9-8 in 12 innings. 12/29/2019 Change Delete
Des Moines takes 5th place in the East by virtue of a 7-5 record against Halifax. 12/28/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte and Brunswick split 12 games. Brunswick gets 2nd place by virtue of a 35-25 division record to Charlotte's 34-26. 12/28/2019 Change Delete
Round Rock and Des Moines split. Playoff-clinching victory is a combined no-no from Mengden and Lynn. Stratton wins last game for DM on 2H CG shutout. 12/28/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte sweeps Jerusalem and Brunswick sweeps Haliifax as they tie for 2nd one game out of first. 12/28/2019 Change Delete
Helena and Eugene played the next to last series. 12/21/2019 Change Delete
The East will complete the regular season at Fantasy Flight in Roseville at 10 AM on Saturday the 28th. Folks in the West welcome to come play too. 12/20/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte and Jerusalem have finished their regular seasons. 12/19/2019 Change Delete
Corvallis and Helena split - the Handbaskets won the two games where they started lousy guys (Straily/Barria) and lost the two where they started an ace and a pretty good pitcher (deGrom/Manaea) 12/19/2019 Change Delete
Corvallis and LaJolla split, each winning two games at home. 12/18/2019 Change Delete
If the "rest of the East" is still interested in playing the final 4 all at once at one venue, please let me know and we'll make it happen. A real game-by-game pennant race would be awesome! -- Robert 12/17/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte/Jerusalem scheduled for next Wednesday, so the rest of the East can go ahead and schedule their series. 12/15/2019 Change Delete
I wonder if you guys will finish your side of the playoffs before we start? 12/14/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte takes 3 of 4 from DM 12/12/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem clinches 1st in the East. 2nd and 4th still up for grabs going into the final series. 12/11/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem slams Kluber, Bauer, Carrasco, then loses in a bullpen game. 12/10/2019 Change Delete
Port is only available Monday nights 12/10/2019 Change Delete
Halifax too 12/09/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem is game. 12/09/2019 Change Delete
The Banshees of Brunswick are in for a group finale. 12/09/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem-Halifax on Tuesday. We will post results and the rest of the East can post 92 game records. Any interest in playing the last series as a group? 12/09/2019 Change Delete
Snell finishes his remarkable season 10-2 with a 1.26 ERA and 0.68 WHIP. He had a 1-hitter, a no hitter, and a 9 inning perfecto, lost in the 10th. He never gave up more than 6 hits in a game. 12/04/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla is out of town this weekend, but free to schedule Flint starting next Tuesday. 12/03/2019 Change Delete
Des Moines and Brunswick have played their series. 12/03/2019 Change Delete
Port takes 3 of 4 from Eugene. 3-2, 4-3, 8-6 in 10. Jeans win 8-7. Arenado misses walk off 1-14 BP HR. in #3 Judge hits BP HR 1-10 to tie #4 off Kimbrill-win in 10th--great series 12/03/2019 Change Delete
With 8-16 games left, no one is mathematically out of the playoffs, although a couple are on life support. 12/01/2019 Change Delete
3 way dogfight for the last playoff spot in the East, with 2 battling for 2nd as well. 12/01/2019 Change Delete
Round Rock and Brunswick split. Round Rock is awaiting the last series to see if they make the playoffs. 11/30/2019 Change Delete
Las Vegas gets swept by Portland. 11/25/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem takes 3 of 4 from RR. Jerusalem clinches a playoff spot. 11/24/2019 Change Delete
Halifax takes 3 from Charlotte, the last two 4-0 shutouts to keep slim playoff hopes alive. 11/22/2019 Change Delete
HEL wins 3of 4 vs POR. In the last game, HEL made a big comeback to lead 8-5, but POR got a 1B, BB and HR to tie the game up. Brian McCann got a game winning HR for HEL in the top of the 10th. 11/21/2019 Change Delete
Blue Jeans out score Suns in series but lose 3 one run games and win by seven. Blue Jean Segura makes 4 errors in series after 5 in 80 games 11/20/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem takes 3 of 4 from Brunswick. 11/19/2019 Change Delete
Halifax and DM split 4, remaining tied for last place. 11/17/2019 Change Delete
All hands on deck for the Banshees down the stretch. King Felix, who already has 5 starts, will have to pick up 3 more. And the bullpen is running on fumes! 11/16/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem and DM spit. 11/12/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick takes 3 of 4 from Portland 11/11/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte splits with Round Rock to go to 45-39, 3 series left 11/11/2019 Change Delete
Las Vegas takes 3 of 4 from Des Moines. 11/07/2019 Change Delete
Helena wins the first three against La Jolla, but loses the fourth. Super slugger Starlin Castro hits 3 HRs in the series, bringing his season total up to 5... 11/07/2019 Change Delete
Corvalis pounds the Blue Jeans with 8-4, 10-1 and 1-0 wins. Jeans luck out and win game 2 6-5! 11/06/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick takes 3 of 4 from Las Vegas 11/05/2019 Change Delete
Round Rock takes 3 from Halifax, winning 2 in the bottom of the 9th. Strop drops to 0-6 forPrivateers, Bauer to 2-7. 11/05/2019 Change Delete
Chaleotte takes 3 of 4 from Brunswick to start the fianl round of in-division series 11/04/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte takes 3 from LaJolla - the pie was great at Bakers Sq too 11/04/2019 Change Delete
Eugene and Corvalis set to play on Election Day. 11/01/2019 Change Delete
Be nice to get some strato in before we hit the Thanksfiving to New Year's craziness. 10/31/2019 Change Delete
Halifax and Round Rock Saturday. Reminder:. Minors are up when you start playing in division. 10/29/2019 Change Delete
Anyone playing soon? 10/28/2019 Change Delete
Is it odd that after not playing for so long that when I do get back to it, I have a guy who is tired. 10/21/2019 Change Delete
Anybody wondering if Washington will be sharp after such a long break? They should try not playing for a month! 10/21/2019 Change Delete
Holland, Kluber, Bauer lose. Caleb Smith CG victory. Go figure. 10/13/2019 Change Delete
Blue Jeans win #1 5-1, #3 7-1 and #4 8-1. Privateers take #2 5-3. 10/13/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla takes 3 of 4 from Des Moines in a great series. 10/12/2019 Change Delete
Halifax, aided by a triple play, sweeps Corvallis by a combined 17-6 score. Marwin Gonzalez hits only homerun the ge series to win gane 2 in the 11th inning. 10/11/2019 Change Delete
Eugene and Jerusalem split. Key game was #3 as Jeans walk off a 5-4 win after Prophets score 2 in top of 9th for 4-3 lead 10/09/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem and Helena split. 10/03/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem and Corvalis split. 10/02/2019 Change Delete
CHA and LV split 10/01/2019 Change Delete
JER and Corv are playing on Wed night 09/30/2019 Change Delete
Helena and Round Rock got together and split 4 games. 09/25/2019 Change Delete
Las Vegas takes 3 of 4 from Corvallis at home 09/24/2019 Change Delete
Char takes the bread and Port takes the meat in this series sandwich 09/23/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick takes 3 from La Jolla 09/18/2019 Change Delete
Las Vegas traveled to Helena and came away with a split. LV lost games 1 & 2 but won games 3 & 4. 09/16/2019 Change Delete
Is Las Vegas scheduled to play soon? 09/15/2019 Change Delete
Port takes the 1st 3 from DM but loses game 4 09/14/2019 Change Delete
Blue Jeans sweep Express. #1 8-6 with 3 runs in bottom of 9th. #2 5-2, 3# 3-1 and #4 18-8. 09/14/2019 Change Delete
Portland and Corvallis split 09/12/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem travels to Char. and sweeps the Harlots in 4 close games. 09/12/2019 Change Delete
When Walker was thrown out, the trail runner was 1-2 to get third but ballsy Connor went for the plate. 09/10/2019 Change Delete
Helena and Halifax split 4. HEL won 2 blowouts, but HFX won 2 close games. In one, Neil Walker was thrown out at the plate in the top of the 9th (1-15, rolled 18) w/2 out trying to tie the game up. 09/09/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte takes 2 from Corvallis to close out the 2nd round robin. 09/08/2019 Change Delete
Springer for Verlander? 09/08/2019 Change Delete
All Star Game and #2 Round Robin Aug 10 at 10 AM. Fantasy Flight 1975 Co Rd B 2 Roseville MN. 09/08/2019 Change Delete
Eugene wins #1 8-2 and #3 13-6. LaJolla wins#2 5-4 and #4 2-0. Verlander loses 3 straight - including All Star Game after 7-0 start. 09/06/2019 Change Delete
Verlander a bum! If you thru something else in I might trade you Chase Anderson for him 09/06/2019 Change Delete
Halifax travels to Brunswick and wins the last 2 games for a split. 09/04/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla faces off with Eugene later this week in a showdown for first place. 09/03/2019 Change Delete
Part 2 And then as often happens in strat Port doesn't score a single run the last 16 innings and ends up with a split! 09/03/2019 Change Delete
LJ travels to Port and Port puts the beat down on them outscoring them 24 to 5 in the 1st 22 innings Up 2-0 with a 3 run lead Cole And Sale on the mound cont next 09/03/2019 Change Delete
Has Charlotte and "whoever" scheduled the end of the round robin? 08/29/2019 Change Delete
Des Moines and Charlotte split 08/28/2019 Change Delete
Las Vegas travels to LaJolla and splits. LV wins Games 1 & 2, LJ takes 3 & 4. 08/26/2019 Change Delete
Anybody going to play soon? 08/24/2019 Change Delete
Trade Rumors: Rumorts have it that George Springer and his remaining 119 at bats are on the trading block . GM Bambino says, "We are always listening." 08/24/2019 Change Delete
Caleb Smith goes 7 as Halifax defeats La Jolla 2-1 to close out the Round Robin, except for whoever Charlotte has to play. 08/22/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem takes 3 of 4 in Halifax in 4 tight games and two going to extra innings. 08/21/2019 Change Delete
Helena pounds Jeans 4-0, 8-6 and 7-1(Verlanders first loss) before Kershaw stops bleeding with 11-3 win in #4. 08/19/2019 Change Delete
Round Robin:LaJolla splits with Vegas, wins 1 from Halifax, splits with Round Rock their record is updated. 1to play with Halifax.. 08/16/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick ships Kyle Schwarber to Helena for relievers Joe Kelly and Pierce Johnson, giving the Handbasket a much needed left handed bat! And the Banshees add some help to their bullpen. 08/14/2019 Change Delete
the GM for the Brunswick Screaming Bohemian Banshees has been working the phone trying to get a little pitching help. Kyle (Boom Stick) Schwarber is on da block. ;-) 08/12/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick has a bit of luck in snatching two from Helena, 4-3 and 5-2. In game 1 Helena had HR chances in the 8th to tie and the 9th to walk it off; both fell just short. 08/12/2019 Change Delete
As previously noted by Harry, the Banshees get steamrolled by Betts and da Jeans in two games, 9-5 and 9-6 08/11/2019 Change Delete
Corvallis & Banshees split, with King Felix going 5 solid innings for the Banshees but Rendon's HR in the 8th proves to be the game winner in 2-1 Corvallis win. Banshees win game 2 by 4-3 08/11/2019 Change Delete
Jeans split with Charlotte- Betts has 10 RBI in sweep of Banshees. Jeans score 8 in bottom of 8th to sweep the Demons. Overall 5-1 in Round Robin. 08/11/2019 Change Delete
The Banshees luck changes as the rolls go there way in sweeping Helena, 4-3 and 5-2. In game one Helena has a homerun chance to tie fall short in the 8th, & a walk-off miss in the bottom of 9. 08/11/2019 Change Delete
CHA takes 3 of 4 from Halifax coming back from down 1 in the 9th of game #1 to win 5-4. Then taking game #2 11-5 and #3 2-0 before dropping the finale 11-6 to pull into a first place tie at the break. 08/09/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte takes 3 from Halifax, who is thinking of changing name to the Miners, they are so low 08/09/2019 Change Delete
HEL wins the first two gms at COR 3-2 and 7-1 and had the lead in the 8th inning of game 3 when COR's team suddenly remembered how to hit. They came back to win 5-3 and 10-1 in the last two games. 08/08/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick and Des Moines split, Banshees taking the first two and Des Moines bouncing back for the split 08/08/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte and Round Rock split. Details later. 08/05/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem takes 3 of 4 from RR. 08/04/2019 Change Delete
All Star Game and #2 Round Robin Aug 10 at 10 AM. Fantasy Flight 1975 Co Rd B 2 Roseville MN. 08/03/2019 Change Delete
MaxS, Cole and Sale win 5-0, 4-2 and 7-3 as Portland wins first 3. Verlander stops Jeans 5 game losing streak with 8-2 # 4 win. 08/03/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick and Jerusalem split with all four games being blowouts. 07/31/2019 Change Delete
As Halifax fell to the cellar, losing 6 of 8, Ramirez, Springer, Machado go 13 for 90. 07/31/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte & Brunswick battle for first place in the East. Charlotte wins game one 3-2, then Banshees win next three by 13-3, 7-2 and 6-3 to leapfrog Charlotte into first place 07/31/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla whipped Helena in 3 straight games 7-2, 11-2 and 11-4, but Helena woke up and won the 4th game 13-2. 07/29/2019 Change Delete
Banshee pitching leaders: Snell 1.20, Berrios 3.19, Gio Gonzalez 3.41 (everyone else is over 4.00) 07/28/2019 Change Delete
Banshee leaders: Yelich .345/.436/628, Aguilar .311/.408/.637, Benintendi .311/.398/.534 07/28/2019 Change Delete
Snell update - Snell gave up a season high six hits in his 9th start but won 6-2. His WHIP is 0.59 and he's allowed 3.08 hits per 9 innings. Crazy stuff indeed so far. 07/27/2019 Change Delete
Eugene wins first 2 with 9-2 and 6-2 wins. Cron wins #3 for Suns 6-5 w/ 2 out 2 run shot in bottom of 9th. Hendricks wins #4 1-0 for split. 07/27/2019 Change Delete
Des Moines wins 3 in Halifax, one easily, two harder. 07/26/2019 Change Delete
Helena visited Portland and won the first and last games as Portland won the middle 2. 07/24/2019 Change Delete
In a battle for last place, Halifax scores 7 runs but gets a split thanks to 4 hit, 1-0 shutout by Kluber in the finale 07/23/2019 Change Delete
DM and Jerusalem split 07/21/2019 Change Delete
In a close, hard fought series, Portland & LV split. Total series runs - Portland 7, LV 5. 07/20/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte and Corvallis split. 07/18/2019 Change Delete
Bluejeans win 6-3, 5-3 and 8-5. Knights win 3-1. Verlander goes to 6-0. 07/17/2019 Change Delete
Only 2 series played so far in July, although I believe 1 is being played today. Port. mngr. And Halifax played both of them! 07/16/2019 Change Delete
DM and Jerusalem are going to try to get togather this week. 07/15/2019 Change Delete
Brad Hand has an ERA of 45 after 38 games for Halifax 07/14/2019 Change Delete
Vegas takes 3 from the impotent Halifax Privateers. 07/14/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla takes 3 from Halifax. Details to follow. Teaser: Joe Mauer plays at catcher. 07/11/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem takes 3 of 4 from Portland. 07/03/2019 Change Delete
Break up the Bluejeans! Team batting average hits .300 after hitting .395 in series with Demons! 07/01/2019 Change Delete
Jeans take 3 of 4 from Demons. Demon win #1 6-4 but Jeans take the rest 10-7, 12-7 and 12-2. 06/30/2019 Change Delete
Des Moines took 3 of 4 from Corvalis winning games 1, 3 & 4 by scores of 3-2, 9-4 and 1-0 and losing game 2 by a score of 5-3; Marte hit a grand slam is game 3. 06/27/2019 Change Delete
In game 2, Brunswick led 6-5 going into the bottom of the 9th, and with 2 outs, Brian McCann hit a game tying HR off Dellin Betances and then Mike Trout hit a walk-off HR to win the game right after. 06/18/2019 Change Delete
Helena takes 3 of 4 from Brunswick, winning games 1, 2 and 4 by scores of 4-1, 7-6 and 6-5 and losing 3-1 in 11 innings in game 3 on a walk-off HR from Flowers. 06/18/2019 Change Delete
Corvallis wins game one 2-0 and game two 1-0 in 13 vs Brunswick. The Banshees rebound winning game three 6-0 and game four 2-1. 06/16/2019 Change Delete
A very fun series for Port manager, strat was decent but very fun catching up with 2 long time friends 06/16/2019 Change Delete
Game 4 has two unlucky streaks colliding, hard luck manager Ed W. has been winning 1 out of 4 while Port has been losing games 3 and 4 of series. Port wins game 4! 06/16/2019 Change Delete
Port vs R R, Port wins 1st 2 at Port and not unusual. Round Rock wins game 3, also norm for Port. 06/16/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem feels fortunate to win 1 of 4 from LV. 06/15/2019 Change Delete
Trade Not sure if we announced this earlier Port trades well traveled starter Quintana to Corv for utility OF A.C. Slater 06/14/2019 Change Delete
Eugene takes 3 of 4 from Brunswich. Verlander takes no hitter into 7th in #1 5-1 win. Jeans win 3 &4 by 7-2 and 8-4 margins. Banshees win #2 8-5. 06/14/2019 Change Delete
After 30 games, Halifax bullpen has surrenderd just 2 HRs in 49.2 innings. Lots of long fly balls, though. Pomeranz 4 ER in 21 innigs and team leading 3 saves. 06/12/2019 Change Delete
CHA won the first 3 games vs HEL (inc. a 16 inn. game where both teams had their last available pitcher in and both were fatigued) before HEL came back from down 5-1 in the 4th game to avoid a sweep. 06/10/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla and Jerusalem split. Game 4 was the most exciting, as both teams miss big extra inning home run chances, before La Jolla wins on a walkoff single in the 14th. 06/09/2019 Change Delete
Halifax takes 3 of 4 from Portland as Portland has still not won a game 3 or 4. PH Scherzer breaks up CFhen no-hitter, rolling a 1-3 double with 2 outs in the 8th. Chen settles for a 1 hit shutout. 06/09/2019 Change Delete
Las Vegas drops 3 of 4 to Round Rock. LV pitchers give up 7 unearned runs (out of 16 total runs) mostly due to Carpenters 4 errors! 06/04/2019 Change Delete
Helena and Des Moines split 4 games, with DES blowouts in the first two and HEL coming back to win the last two in closer games. Chapman had back-to-back-to-back HRs in the last game 06/02/2019 Change Delete
First to 3 wins! Blue Jeans win 3-2,4-2 and 4-2. Harlots avoid sweep with 8-2 win in finale. 06/02/2019 Change Delete
Port has finished 1st sweep thru own division, interestig that they are 8-2 in games 1 and 2, and 1-9 in games 3 and 4. 06/01/2019 Change Delete
Carv and Port split in Port 06/01/2019 Change Delete
Banshee Leaders: Yelich .313/.421/1.025 8 HR, 22R, 20RBI. Aguilar 8 HR, 20 RBI. Snell 4-1, 0.67 ERA, 0.40 WHIP. Chapman 5 saves. Schwarber has PH 22 times and has a .455 OBA 05/30/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick takes 4 games from Halifax as Halifax bats go quiet, scoring just 5 runs in the 4 games. Yelich knocks in 8 for the Banshees 05/27/2019 Change Delete
3 way tie for first in west. Crash and Blue Jeans split. Jeans win 1 and 4 ( 8-2 & 15-0) Crash win 2 and 3 ( 7-4 & 8-4). Gamel 8-13 in series. 05/25/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla and Eugene to battle for first in the west on saturday at 10 AM at the HarryDome. Anyone else care to play? 05/21/2019 Change Delete
Char. and Jerusalem split.After the series, Jerusalem trades Pruitt, Melencon, and Guyer to Char gor Faria, Peralta and Hildenberger. 05/21/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla returns some of the bad luck from last season, sweeping Portland in unforgiving fashion. Trevor Richards racks up another W, while Sale and Scherzer get skewered. Strat. 05/19/2019 Change Delete
Trying to sweep, HEL was down 1 in 9th with guys on 1B/3B, no outs. Harper then got CS (roll 19), Trout had SI 1-15, gbB (roll 19, runner out at the plate) and Davis had 50/50 HR (roll 19). Game over 05/18/2019 Change Delete
Helena takes 3 of 4 at Las Vegas. 05/18/2019 Change Delete
Corvallis takes 3 of 4 from Vegas 05/16/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte travels to Halifax and splits 4, with game 1 going 11 innings. 05/16/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla takes 3 of 4 from Las Vegas to get back to .500. 4 close games, despite my riding Trevor Richards. 05/15/2019 Change Delete
Helena hosts Corvallis and wins the first 3 games 4-2, 2-1 and 3-2, but Corvallis took the 4th game 7-4 after fending off a Helena comeback. 05/08/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte travels to DM and the host DM team is very gracious - losing all 4 by only scoring only 4 runs in the series 05/08/2019 Change Delete
Gattis goes 5-13 with 4 HR and 7 Rbi's a Perez suffers 2 game injury 05/06/2019 Change Delete
Eugene goes to Helena and takes 3 of 4... Evan Gattis destroyed Helena's pitching. 05/06/2019 Change Delete
Snell update - in his fifth start he gives up 3 hits in 7 innings. Only run allowed scores on a wild pitch. 05/06/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick takes 3 of 4 from Des Moines. Banshees win 10-9, then Des Moines wins 3-1, and Banshees win 6-2 and 3-2. Banshees get four homers from Aguilar 05/06/2019 Change Delete
Halifax and Jerusalem sp[lit, Hfx winning games 2 and 3 by 3-2 and 5-4 scores. JER takes games 1 and 4, 8-5 and 4-2. 05/04/2019 Change Delete
Our 2 new teams have played the most games! Good job 05/03/2019 Change Delete
Corvalli and La Jolla split @ Corvallis 05/03/2019 Change Delete
no Snell update? 05/03/2019 Change Delete
Snell update -- In his fourth start Snell allowed two hits over 6 innings, one a solo HR. In four starts he's now given up four hits over 33 1/3 innings. Crazy. 04/27/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick and Round Rock split with RR winning the first two by 6-0 & 9-7. Banshees then win 7-3 & 11-1 04/27/2019 Change Delete
Portland wines #1 5=4 and #2 10-3. Eugene gains split with wins in 1-0 and 4-2 in 13 inning 04/26/2019 Change Delete
Everyone should check their records and correct if necessary. 04/25/2019 Change Delete
I I had 2 fewer losses posted. All is well. --Bambino 04/25/2019 Change Delete
After 14 games Halifax Team ERA is 2.872. Don't ask about hitting outside of Jose Ramirez. 04/25/2019 Change Delete
omebody has 2 more wins than they should. pactually it was 2 fewer losses reported] 04/25/2019 Change Delete
Halifax and Des Moines split, 04/24/2019 Change Delete
Halifax contimues its dominance of the West from last year, taking 2 from Corvallis to go 5-1 in the first interrleague session. 04/24/2019 Change Delete
Port travels to Hell and wins the 1st 2 and loses the last 2 04/21/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla and Corvallis set for a May 1st matchup 04/21/2019 Change Delete
LV @ Port Port loses the Quintana Nola matchup (hard to imagine) but lucks thru the 1st 3 games for a series win 04/20/2019 Change Delete
Jerusalem travels to Round Rock and takes 3 of 4. 04/20/2019 Change Delete
Halifax takes two games from Helena - a 9th inning comeback in game 1 and then a shutout as Caleb Smith pitches a 14K complete game and Jacob deGrom takes the loss. 04/19/2019 Change Delete
Round Rock takes 2from Corvalllis 04/18/2019 Change Delete
Eugene holds Halifax to 2 runs but splits 2 games with the Privateers. 04/17/2019 Change Delete
Eugene luckily splits with LV as Jeans come back from 8-2 LV lead to win #4 9-8 04/16/2019 Change Delete
Why only 2 games? It was a way to get 12 more games in agaiunst the other division. And the get-togethers are fun!~ 04/16/2019 Change Delete
That will make you want to do everything possible to win game #1 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Interestingly, LaJolla now has sweeps in all 4 series - lost all 4 to Helena, won both again Rob, lost both against Demons, won both against Joe. 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Charlote takes 3 of 4 from Round Rock- taking advantage of both teams having 2 managers at the Round Robin to get 10 games completed 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte splits with LV, Port and loses 2 to La Jolla. 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Port sweeps DM splits with Char and gets swept by Brun 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Snell threw a perfect game? 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Corvallis splits with Jerusalem in the only two games the Knights played in the Round Robin 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Can one of you computer guys fix the 'calc error'? 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Des Moines lost 2 vs Portland, then swept La Jolla and Las Vegas; after 10 game 'the' (Joey Voto) is 6th among Demon starters batting .368; team ERA is 6.32. 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Snell is burning up innings for the Banshees, but when he throws a no hitter, a 1-hitter and then 9 perfect innings, what are ya gonna do?! lol 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Banshees drop first four games on the weekend then rally to win the last two vs Portland 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Snell throws 9 perfect innings against Vegas, but the Banshees can't score and lose 1-0 in 10. Snell gives up a one out double then Betances gives up another. Banshees lose both games in series 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte takes 3 of 4 from Round Rock - taking advantage of both teams have 2 managers at the Round Robin yesterday. 04/14/2019 Change Delete
Helena splits with Round Rock and Jerusalem. Trout and Harper are both under the Mendoza Line but have 5 HRs between them. Is that good or bad? 04/13/2019 Change Delete
Eugene splits with Jerusalem and Round Rock in round Robin. Betts goes 4 for 4 against jerusalem-thats 4 K's in 3-2 loss. 04/13/2019 Change Delete
Helena trades E. Nunez to Halifax for K. Tomlinson. 04/12/2019 Change Delete
Snell follows up his no-no with a 1-hitter vs Charlotte 04/11/2019 Change Delete
TRADE A trade that was e-mailed but not posted to the site Brunswick trades to Port Quintana and S Leon for Berdrosian and B Wilson 04/11/2019 Change Delete
Charlotte hosts Brusnwick and after spotting them the first 2 games they end their 6 game winning streak by taking the last 2 for a split. 04/11/2019 Change Delete
Update -- Snell's complete game win was a no-hitter. Also, Brunswick overcame a 6 run deficit in game four enroute to an 8-6 win 04/10/2019 Change Delete
Brunswick takes 3 of 4 from Jerusalem, including a 1-0 complete game win by Blake Snell. 04/09/2019 Change Delete
La Jolla is a very nice host to Helena, rolling over in 4 straight and scoring only 6 runs in the series 04/07/2019 Change Delete
Round Rock at Halifax today. Halifax takes the 1st 2, Round Rock te next 2 04/07/2019 Change Delete
Halifax trades Familia to Charlotte for Greg Allen. 04/06/2019 Change Delete
Halifax trades Cozart to La Jolla for McCarthy. 04/06/2019 Change Delete
DM visits Jerusalem and gets a split. 04/03/2019 Change Delete
Eugene takes 3 of 4 from Corvallis with 2-1, 3-1,10-9 wins and a 6-5 loss 04/01/2019 Change Delete
Let the games begin! 03/24/2019 Change Delete
Everyone ready for Re-entry draft tomorrow? 03/03/2019 Change Delete
World Series game 4 - Cheyenne 8, Portland 2. Grand slam for Stanton helps clinch the series for Cheyenne! 01/13/2019 Change Delete
World Series game 3 - Cheyenne 12, Portland 4. Another light hitting middle infielder for Cheyenne hit 2 HRs, this time Brandon Crawford. 01/13/2019 Change Delete
World Series game 2 - Cheyenne 7, Portland 5. Light hitting Brad Miller hit 2 HRs off Max Scherzer. 01/13/2019 Change Delete
World Series game 1 - Cheyenne 11, Portland 5. Bryce Harper hit back-to-back-to-back HRs 01/13/2019 Change Delete
The World Series will be played at 1:30 on Sunday at Jim's. Feel free to stop in. We'll post game-by-game results here on the website as we play. 01/11/2019 Change Delete
Congrats to the division champs. Let the league know when world series is set. Eugene likes to attend if possible. 01/08/2019 Change Delete